Membership PLUS

1. Membership PLUS includes access to purchase Insurance from our Broker.
2. Membership PLUS is limited to –
     a) Adult Residents of Australia, and
     b) Single Groups based in Australia


 P1 – Concession* An Individual adult and refers to –
each single person having a valid Concession Card
 P2 – Adult An Individual adult and refers to –
each single person of legal adult age
 P3 – Group** A single Group of individual adults –
The contact person annually nominates <10 of the Management Team/Committee from within the same Group.


*NOTE: CONCESSION Membership is available to :
– Australian Concession Card Holders,
– Pensioners, Seniors and Health Care Card Holders, etc.
– Veterans and Disabled Parking Permit Holders
– ASA Board, Branch, Committee and Team members

**NOTE: GROUP Membership
– The ASA does not have a membership type for organisations having a number of groups.
  – An organisation can obtain separate membership and insurance for each Group
      even if each group is managed by the same team/committee/leader.