The Constitution of the Australian Spiritual Alliance [ASA] was prepared in good faith to provide a set of rules that the ASA as an organisation will follow with the aim of providing consistency and a high standard across all of its operations.

The ASA is not accredited, qualified or licenced to provide any Professional Legal, Financial or Medical advice and recommends that members seek Professional Legal, Financial and Medical advice prior to any action being considered as a result of any information provided by the ASA or a member.

Members of the ASA by virtue of their membership, faith and philosophy may be inspired to provide intuitive based information in regards to legal, financial or medical matters under the ASA Do No Harm Policy. This information is not and cannot be classed as licenced professional advice. Nor is it provided for the purpose of entertainment or to circumvent any qualified and licenced Professional advice.

Membership of the ASA does not imply that any Insurance Policy affected for the operations of the ASA automatically also includes the operations of a member and therefore a member must specifically obtain their own Cover and Certificate of Currency in their own name for their own activities, goods and services.

The ASA does not and cannot accept any previous, probable or possible responsibility or liability now, in the past or future should this advice be ignored.