How to join

How to join the Australian Spiritual Alliance (ASA);

Follow these simple instructions to become a member of the ASA.


Go to our website: Home - Australian Spiritiual Alliance (


Click on the Membership tab at the top of our home page. 

Regardless of whether are a new member or have previously joined the ASA, select 'New Member'. 

Complete the registration form, then membership type. Select 'plus membership' as an optional addon if you would like to have the option of insurance. 

The Purchase Summary will reflect your options. If you would like to change any of these, please use the 'Go back a step' or 'Start again' to change anything. This will keep you in the registration process. 

Complete your personal details in the next step, and ensure your details are correct. Enter details regarding your business and activities. 


Agree to the terms of registration. 


Proceed to payment. 

You will receive a confirmation 'Thank you for registering'. 

The payment will be listed as 'Pin Payments' on your bank statement. 


Rhonda Kelly