Spirituality is a Way of Life

Spirituality is a religion, philosophy, and science that celebrates Eternal Life; recognises that our true nature is spirit, and, as such, we continue to live after physical death in a higher dimension known as the Spirit World. As spirit, we can communicate and commune with one another and with those in Spirit.

Spirit communication is not unique to Spirituality. It has existed since human beings first walked on the planet and will exist long after we are gone. Spirituality is life itself, here and hereafter, and it exists naturally whether we call it a religion, a faith, a belief, or anything else.

Spirituality is classed as a religion, being faith-based, as articulated by the Australian High Court. However, it is much more than that. Spirituality respects the uniqueness of the individual and assists a person to develop spiritually and holistically at their own pace and it does so without having a dogma, creed or ritual.

We practice the Faith, we espouse the philosophy and demonstrate the science when proving survival. In other words, we practice and live Spirituality as a religion. We understand the truth and teachings of Spirituality as a philosophy. We demonstrate and prove the phenomena of Spirituality as a science.

As a Faith, Spirituality is both rational and spiritual. It encourages, our intelligent and individual search for truth, our personal responsibility for the consequences of our actions, thoughts, and words, and our striving toward love, truth, and harmony. This religious aspect accepts God as the Infinite and Grand Architect, Creator and Overseer of the Universe, and that the soul is immortal.

As a philosophy, Spirituality seeks to establish truth as evidenced in God's Natural Law and discerned in the ASA Seven Articles of Faith. A philosophy that uniquely bridges and harmonizes the opposing views of science and faith. These philosophical differences are one of Spirituality's greatest strengths. This Philosophical aspect speaks to the blending of higher reasoning, allowing each of us to attain the perfect whole of all its parts.

As a science, it endeavours to demonstrate that spirit manifestations are observable, quantifiable and verifiable. Spirituality affirms life goes on beyond the death of the physical body, and that continuous existence of the soul in the Spirit World is demonstrated through mediumship. Mediumship, therefore, is the cornerstone of Spirituality. This Phenomenal Aspect recognises the divine messages from God to Mankind, either by direct perception awakened in people or by inspiration from the higher realms, being spirits and angelic beings. Spirituality also teaches that Natural Laws govern the universe. These Laws affect the seen and unseen world and all aspects of our lives and surroundings. Spirituality also emphasizes the individualism of its adherents by affirming their right to seek the truth in their own way and in their own time.

But above all, Spirituality is a way of life.

Spirituality accepts that people are personally responsible for their own actions and the subsequent results that it always brings. The central belief of a higher power – God, that the Spirit World is real, that humans survive physical death, and that communication with the Spirit World is a proven fact, coupled with love, unity, equality, service, harmony, and the progress of people constitutes a way of life.

Spirituality has no founding prophet, no dogma, creed, scripture or canon law. Since the revival and manifestations that marked the advent of Modern Spirituality at Hydesville, New York, in 1848, to this day, Spirit has continuously revealed itself through the dedicated services of mediums in order to teach, guide, comfort, encourage and heal.

Spirituality's foundations are observable facts, irrefutable evidence and truth, not blind faith, but sound knowledge. The individual search for truth is the prerogative of every person. It is a search that requires intelligence, curiosity, discernment, spiritual aspiration and, often, a good sense of humour.

As a way of life, Spirituality engages our entire being in an effort to attain our true spiritual nature, our highest and best, a higher ground from which to live our lives. This is not a simple task. It requires a conscious effort to think good thoughts, to speak kind and loving words, to reach out and help those in need and to act for the good of all concerned. It also means to honour our God-given gifts and share them with others. Essentially, it is to live in joy, give generously, show loving-kindness towards all, appreciate God's creation and be thankful for everything.

Spirituality addresses the more profound questions of life. For those of us who are willing to live by its teachings, it will open the way to higher levels of consciousness, uncover the hidden treasures of our soul and reward you with the companionship of spirits in this world and the next. It is an exciting journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, service, and fulfillment.

[Adapted from The Spiritualist Church of Canada]