A Guide to mediumship

A Guide to mediumship


Harry Edwards

29 May 1893 – 7 December 1976


“Many people wish to become mediums, to see the spirit people, to hear them speak, to obtain counsel, to heal the sick, to help the bereaved, to give advice and assist those who are in need.

This desire is sometimes simply that of satisfying the personal ego, to be different from other people, the wish to be looked up to, and to put on the mantle of mysticism.

This is an entirely wrong approach to mediumship.

Mediumship has a purpose, and that is to demonstrate to man that he is not just a physical being, but that he is a part spirit, that this life is but an apprenticeship for the greater and fuller life that commences with the physical death. That through this knowledge mankind will receive the impetus to adopt an enlightened code of values that in its evolvement will outlaw war, poverty and the other ignoble trends in our present way of life.

Thus, the true motive that inspires mediumship is a spiritual one.

If this is not so, then no reason can be found for the great efforts the evolved personalities in spirit life, the teachers, philosophers, doctors and others, make to use human instruments for the progression of all souls. Therefore, aspirants to mediumship should possess that inner yearning to be used for the higher purpose, and to view their seeking of mediumship as a means to help others. It should be the denial of selfishness and the giving of the self to a spiritual purpose. A true medium thereby becomes a participant in the divine plan for the furtherance of good.