Predictions and wisdom


I write this on the first of May! The beginning of the month! And the last month of autumn or fall in the Southern Hemisphere & in the Northern Hemisphere it’s spring.

Do you know what May is named after?
As we use the Georgian calendar and they are based on gods and goddesses of Rome and the end four last ones being Roman numbers!
So interesting to find the month before is name after Aprilis the older form of Venus and Aphrodite for April. Month of marriages and love interests going into the next month May!

May is from the Roman Goddess of spring and new fresh growth and her name is “ Maiea “,
Maieja. Thee ultimate feminine of spring energy!
We took that word and made it into in English May.
In Dutch it’s Mai. Get the jist!

Coming here to Australia where it’s heading to winter, the dark time of the year!
As the days get shorter and time slows down in the secession of the turning of the wheel in pagan eyes! The leaves are changing into their autumn hues and reminding us that we must prepare for the long haul.
In ancient times it was store as much food for
your family and friends and livestock and the clan or kindred!
Of course now we don’t need to do that with food everywhere around us!
But in our ancient dna we feel the need to store and not be without!

As a professional psychic and read people around the world and working with my best friend and colleague Rhonda Kelly.
I see with my clients every time I give readings the key factors of people needing a reading or healing!
It’s mainly stemming from stress, worry, fear & loss!
Me as a shaman/ psychic/ medium & wytche (which my way to spell it) find the threads are broken are lost are fallen or not even connected to the client! & I heal them by giving guidance, spirit giving me the insight to let my clients know it’s ok, mediumship of giving the messages from spirit afar and bring back to them the trust in themselves to heal!

On a shamanic level with my journey’s I do with my clients guide to places where I repair the threads that were broken! And return to them whole!

The magick of this month is to realise the world is a crazy maddening nutty place and I want to tell you something!!!

You don’t have be apart of it!!

You don’t need to buy into the energy of this Mars energy around the world!!

What is Mars energy?
It’s the God of war and destruction and the Greek it’s Aries!
Mars is all the energy of war and destruction!
He feeds on fear, egos, hatred, loss & the power to take lives! Yes! Darn not nice guy!!!

May is the time to reflect, resurrect, reach out, resign to the fact that we need to gather and connect to the essence of piling up our stock piles! And how do we do this?

Well one I may hehe excuse the pun do a shadow journal or a normal journal and write what is happening in your life? Doing pro and con lists! Like writing happy and sad times!

Literally sitting down in a quiet room and just chill and use the journal to brainstorm ideas and smart choices!

It’s allowing the mind to purge and release the toxins building up in our heads!

For me literally the day before May 1 is the 30/4/2024 that is Halloween in the Southern Hemisphere and in Northern Hemisphere it was Beltaine.
Halloween or Samhain the time of the dead, last harvest festival and the Faery folks!
Beltaine is the time of new life, sex, fires and sowing the seeds for harvest!

Not only I felt my ancestors and those who past into the spirit realm it reminded me of my personal sacrifice and transformation into me becoming a trans woman! Literally yesterday was my third month on hormones!

What’s this got to do with you?
We all transform this time of year!
It might not be like me being trans woman, it might be changing attitudes, people around us, beginning of friendships or ending them,
Be changing of literally the season or job or home or life!

The attitudes we give!
Truly shape us!

The light we shine ! Some want to take that from us and pretend to shine our lights!
We are all gifted in something magickal!
Time to create the magick within us and put the love to us and the world!

Let’s change Mars to Maiea!
War to peace!
Hatred to love
Fear to exceptance.
Following to leading!

We are the kings and queens of our own destiny’s!
I wish you love and peace !
Blessed Be!

So mote it be!!